Our Food & Services

You’ll find well-cooked, honest, uncomplicated but imaginative food. Our long-standing relationships with local farmers ensure that we will bring the best of the market to your table. A sustainable philosophy is at the heart of everything we do.

What else will you find at The Golden Eyes Restaurant? Unfussy service from staff that actually love food and love looking after people. We have an informal atmosphere, where you can relax over a nice glass of wine (or two!) and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

Open all day for dining in the most spectacular and peaceful surroundings. Our team are passionate about making your “get together” the most memorable and delicious experience.

Open 8 AM to 9 PM – 7 days a week for Breakfast – Lunch – Afternoon Tea – Dinner

Meet the Team

The owner and operator, Raghu Chaudhary is a person who thrives on giving back. He worked over 10 years plus for the prestigious Hyatt Regency Hotel brand. When life handed him the opportunity to lead and manage a restaurant, his dreams were fulfilled through this institution called “The Golden Eyes Restaurant & Cafe”.

“I see an owner’s role as the person who sets the tone of the business. With 12 team members, I consider it a very serious responsibility to see that the Golden Eyes runs properly. The team trusts in my ability to make the right decisions so they can support their families and run their lives, and I do not take that trust lightly. With each decision that is made, the team is considered. It is important to me that my actions are ethical, moral and held to the highest standards of integrity.”

By having all local Chefs, they know the culinary pulse of the city, offering regional favorites while making sure that every diner can find that “one dish” that makes the dining out experience worthwhile.

Our Philosophy

Our Community:The Golden Eyes, as a business, thrives within our community; we are supported by the community, and therefore we must give back. I feel that it is a business obligation to give back, even if it is only in a small way.

Product purchases: We are committed to the belief that all animals, including livestock for consumption, must always be treated humanely. I inspect many of our food suppliers to make sure the entire process is one with which I can live. This has not always made me popular with all the food vendors, but it is the only way I can operate and it means that we support and sustain family farmers who respect the land and the animals in their care.

Summing it up: I‘m honored to have been given the opportunity to operate this restaurant that is steeped in old-fashioned values and traditions. We will strive to exceed our guests’ expectations and provide a warm, pleasing dining experience just like a Mama is doing for her family. To achieve this end, we must hold ourselves to the highest possible standards of excellence for service and food.

We will be committed to developing leadership skills and to encouraging empowerment of our employees, just like a Mama is raising her kids. We are using an open management system coupled with participation processes involving all of our employees.

By Nepalese standards all The Golden Eyes Restaurant employees are well rewarded for participation including being well paid & sharing of tips (no percentage of tips goes to the Owner)

With the help of a Swiss Chef we truly aim to provide an International standard in everything we do.

Our goal is simple: TO BE THE BEST AT WHAT WE DO.

My Experience

golden eyes raghu

Namaste !

“I honor the Spirit in you which is also in me.”

Boudhanath Tibetan Stupa in Kathmandu, a world heritage site, where a constant mass of Buddhist pilgrims and monks circling the peaceful stupa, colorful prayer flags fluttering in the breeze, chanting of Buddhist prayers while daily Tibetan life buzzes quietly around the enclave. In the middle you will find the Golden Eyes Restaurant with an attached yoga & meditation center.

For over five years, we focus on serving only the freshest and most authentic flavors of areas surrounding the Himalaya region. Our authentic Himalayan Nepalese cuisines have a fusion of Tibetan, Indian and Chinese origins. Enjoy the flavors which allow you to indulge in a feast of aromatic dishes. A cuisine full of flavor without the overpowering influence of chili!

We have also been trained by a Swiss Chef for food safety & current Western dishes.

From our family to yours… let’s eat!

Raghu Chaudhary & The Golden Eyes Team